MrBailey x Côte& Ciel: A Fusion of Style and Innovation

Parisian accessories label Côte&Ciel has teamed up with MrBailey, the visionary behind ConceptKicks, a London-based footwear studio. This collaboration highlights an evolving design dialogue and creative Journey.

The result is the 'Orne Plus' capsule collection, featuring architecturally inspired techwear. This collection redefines MrBailey's signature black beanie and Côte& Ciel's iconic Orne bag. Both pieces use Côte& Ciel's unique fabric folding and twisting technique to create volume and form.

The adaptable bag is molded around an upside-down version of MrBailey's beanie hat. It transforms according to the wearer's needs, offering various sizes and shapes, from a large tote to a small cross-body bag. The side pocket's location changes depending on the bag's form. For instance, in the 'beanie' shape, the pocket is external. When the bag expands, the pocket becomes an internal compartment. Additionally, it features an interchangeable strap, providing more storage options.