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Mia Secret And Kiara Sky Nail Sweet Secret Acrylic Powder Set

Mia Secret And Kiara Sky Nail Sweet Secret Acrylic Powder Set

Submitted by • February 12, 2020

I had to include a set of Mia Secret Nails powders that have some of the most extravagant and bright colored acrylic powders in the business. They are known for their ease of work, bright pigment loading and durability.

The only problem is that they do not come with the liquid set for immersion because they are not specifically dipping the powders. They are acrylic powders that are usually mixed with a monomer to sculpt acrylic nails.

Mia Secret Nails a wide range of games that include this Candy Set Sweet, the Springy Color Punch Set, the bright Galaxy Collection Set, the Neon flash reactive to the black light and the Mood Collection Set that changes color.

Kiara Sky nail :- This is my number one choice, so if you have little time, this is the product to read (or just get now).

The Kiara Sky Dip system color kit comes with everything you need in addition to a nail file. If you are new to dipping powders, include a detailed instruction guide that covers the process step by step a

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