Logo Maker free – icon creator app for esports 3d

Logo maker is a fully loaded logo creator app designed to create Professional, Exclusive, and Impressive logo on your phone free. Start designing your logo for your gaming squad in esport or give your brand a professional identity using our logo maker app for free.

Esport logo maker has many unique features such as textures and layers control similar to that of illustrator, Add amazing 50+ individual textures to modify your logo design.

Logo creator app is not just limited to gaming logo ; you can use it as an icon maker for creating professional app icon in a few steps or a thumbnail maker to create cool thumbnails.

Taking Typography into account, this app offers amazing font collection with over 700 fonts of different categories. You can apply enormous styles, colors and effects such as Arc text where text can be arched or curved. blur effect , shadows, stroke can be added to any text with gradient colors.
Change the color, apply gradient color, add texture, border, shadow, three-dimensional text logo is ready for export.

Templates Categories :
§ Art Deco
§ Esports logo
§ Gaming logo
§ Music
§ Name
§ Real Estate
§ Restaurant

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