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Make Our Moments Pvt Ltd is one of the selected tour operators accredited by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and Department of Kerala Tourism after going through the accreditation process. This is an effort by the Governments to ensure that it gets credible partners who maintain a certain discipline in the field of tour operations. The Approval is given to a Tour Operator to encourage quality, standard and service in the area of Tour Operation so as to promote tourism in Kerala and India.

Munnar the name evolved from the confluence of three rivers from mountain streams is literally the 1st known paradise of Kerala. Located in Idduki district, is spread over 187 sq Km and 1500 meters above sea level. The beauty of Munnar has attracted tourists worldwide. Known for its tea plantations, it’s the most visited tourist spot in India. Reasons of opting Munnar in Kerala as the most viable tourist spot is, its utility for being the best for Honeymooners, Family vacations, corporate meetings, Trekkers & even for the Art lovers. Cool in weather, round the year, it attracts tourists for its flourished flora & fauna. The top station border in Munnar brings your childhood dream come true, to fly in the sky & play with clouds. The lakes, mountains, valleys & waterfalls provide the best of nature as a combo of leisure in luxury, at an easy access from any corner of the world. The panorama of the landscape leaves everybody speechless. The moments spent here are cherished as memories for a lifetime.

If you are planning to explore Munnar and Kerala, contact,Aluva, Kerala for planning your entire trip in Kerala especially in Munnar one of the most visited Hill stations of India.

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