Iraq Tour Package from UK 2021 – Iraq Ziyarat from UK 2021

Haramayn Tours provide Iraq Tour Packages from UK in 2021 at a Cheap Price. 5-Star Packages are also available. Get in touch for the cheapest Iraq Ziyarat Tours. We also provide Turkey Tour and Masjid Al Aqsa Tour packages from UK at reasonable prices.

Haramayn Tours offers visitors exclusive opportunities to visit these places and witness the beauty of this beloved country that has survived the test of time. The first destination you should consider is the minaret of the great mosque in Samarra. This mosque is a very popular destination among visitors thanks to both its history and shape. As a matter of fact, The minaret makes for the last part that remained from the mosque which was under construction from 849 to 851. Following Hulagu Khan’s attack, the mosque was destroyed upon his concurring of the Middle East area. The minaret is shaped like a snail, which gives it a unique look that enables visitors to climb on top of it. The very top gives visitors amazing scenes to enjoy.

Another interesting historical place you can visit is the shrine of Imam Ali. Located in Najaf, this shrine has a special significance for Shia Muslims and it is a popular destination for many. It is believed that this shrine has the body of Imam Ali. Huge numbers of visitors come to the shrine on an annual basis. It is one of the most lavish shrines compared to other Islamic places. Covered of mirror tiles, portals make for a great scene you can see upon your visit.

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