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IPhone LCD Screen Quality Guideline

IPhone LCD Screen Quality Guideline

Submitted by • July 28, 2018

There’s no Standardized system for quality in this industries. Every Supplier has their own specification and it’s very complex to really understand the difference between one supplier quality versus another. Whether it’s not what you were expecting or those late night emails from China saying they have A+++ Quality, it gets confusing on what to look for. We wanted to simplify this process and give you specification on what makes our quality stand out and what to expect.

1) Premium Quality LCD Display

• This Premium LCD Screen comes with Polarizied lens, Cold Pressed Frames, Proximity Sensor Bracket, Earpiece Speaker Grill & Mesh and Steel Plate.
• Pretested – Every LCD is QC’d for Functionality and imperfections.
• Olephobic Coating – This prevents from leaving streaks & oil marks behind when using the LCD.
• Core LCD Brand – This LCD Made from high Grade raw material provided by the manufacturer and reliability.
• Digitizer Technology – High Grade raw material used

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