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Influence Of Education On Women Entrepreneurs

Influence Of Education On Women Entrepreneurs

Submitted by • January 30, 2020

The issue of entrepreneurial women may not be merely a matter of perspective but more about the psychological warfare of the woman herself, which concerns life choices: between career or entrepreneurship are 2 viable choices in economic and business development at this time. But it should, set based on the ability so as not to sacrifice life and the future. Everyone must have a plan in life. One of them, about how he will enjoy old age later. Alternatives to choose from? By collecting enough retirement funds or owning a business that is sufficient to support. But sometimes, there is no need to wait for old age to start your own business. Some people decide to have their own business when they are still of productive age. Which is more appropriate? Difficulties in encouraging women entrepreneurs are also recognized by the District Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Iwapi), stating the difficulties in creating entrepreneurs from among women. In fact, the entrepreneur was able to reduce

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