How to use the router for wood?

Install a router socket
1 Disconnect the power cord
2 Turn the router over for wood
3 Press the shaft lock button while loosening the metal ring nut
4 Insert the cutter up to one-third of the way into the metal ring
5 Hold down the shaft lock button while tightening the metal ring nut
Adjusting the carving depth
6 Make sure the small bar inside the depth gauge extends by about 3 mm
7 Rotate the chuck so that it snaps into its highest position just below the depth gauge
8 Loosen the button to drop the depth gauge onto the chuck depth stop
Loosen the locking lever
9 Push the tool down until the router cutter touches the workpiece
Tighten the locking lever
10 The carving depth is now set to 0 mm
11 Raise the depth gauge to the desired carving depth and tighten the knob
12 Loosen the locking lever and lift the tool up again

You can increase the carving depth by 5 or 10 mm with the chuck depth stop. Always perform a new carving depth adjustment after changing the router cutter Carving Refer to the instruction manual to find the correct carving speed.

Connect a vacuum cleaner Connect the power cord to a power source
Always try carving on a piece of useless material first! Pull the trigger to activate the wood router Gently push the tool down until the depth gauge reaches the chuck depth stop Tighten the locking lever Align the wood router along the workpiece


There are many different router cutters available on the market. These are some of the most common types Some wood routers are provided with a parallel guide and a curve retainer

Some wood routers come with an adapter plate that allows you to copy a "guide" these components ensure maximum accuracy

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