How To Turn Customers Into Outrageous Fans

Research at the University of Texas found that customer satisfaction is no guarantee of customer loyalty – that loyalty only comes from customers who love you. Companies like Disney, USAA, Nordstrom Department Stores, and Wegmans Supermarkets figured that out long ago so they provide customers with experiences that make customers love them. Larry Johnson will show you how to make your residents love you.

Why Should You Attend

If you work with customers, whether in-person, on the phone, or online you will gain a host of tips on how to make sure every encounter you have with your customers is positive and productive – even when the customer is disappointed or angry.

Objectives of the Presentation

» Apply the "5/11 Squared Formula" to improve word of-mouth advertising
» Create a positive customer experience from the first point of contact
» Respond to customers’ requests in a timely manner
» Manage customer expectations so you don’t disappoint them
» Practice five bonding behaviors that put customers on your side
» Apply the Lagniappe principle that makes customers feel special
» Manage perception so the customer is happy even when disappointed
» Apply the "Disney Principle of Accountability"
» Resolve customer complaints so everyone is satisfied.

Areas Covered in the Session

» The 5/11 rule that drives word of mouth marketing
» Customer loyalty vs customer satisfaction – How to capture both
» Bonding behaviors that raise the odds customers will like you and love your product or service
» How to turn complaints into opportunities
» How to get angry customers on your side
» The PAL Formula for keeping yourself at your best

Who Will Benefit
» Anyone who works with difficult people and wishes to improve their relationships with them
» COO's
» CFO's
» VP of Human Resources
» Human Resource Professionals
» Chief Learning Officer
» Directors
» Project Managers
» Operation Managers and Supervisors
» Team Leaders
» Staff Managers and Supervis