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How To Increase The Output Of Straw Feed Pellet Machine?

How To Increase The Output Of Straw Feed Pellet Machine?

Submitted by • September 2, 2019

How to increase the output of straw feed pellet machine?
The straw feed pellet machine has a low yield when processing the pellets, which affects the work efficiency. How to increase the output? This article will talk in detail about the factors affecting the yield of straw feed pellet machine. First, make sure that the user is following the correct method of use. Secondly, there are some small manufacturers producing pellet machine equipment that does not meet the standards of the standard, so it is recommended that users choose a regular large straw pellet machine manufacturers to purchase. In fact, there are many factors affecting the production of straw feed pellet machine. Now let's talk about the external factors that are not related to the pellet machine.
1. Raw material factors: In general, the larger the raw material volume, the higher the granulation output. The raw material has a fine particle size and a high granulation yield, but affects the molding rate of the particles.

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