How to Get Admission to Best School

Every parent has a dream to see their children studying in one of the premier schools available in the city. The premier school not only focuses on the best education but concentrates on the overall development of the student right from education to extra-curricular activities, etc. The school concentrated on music, dance, yoga, and sports. Also, many schools added foreign languages like German or French as their second language in the curriculum. Today, we will show you how to choose the best school and get admission in step-by-step instructions.
Every year millions of parents are searching for the best school and different parents have different criteria to choose the best school.
We have compiled the data of over 1000 admission inquiries and present you with the school admission guide process 2021.

Step 1: School syllabus
Step 2: The facilities offered by the school
Step 3: School fee structure
Step 4: Opportunities created by the schools
Step 5: Finding the best schools
Step 6: Applying for admissions

Step1: School Syllabus
The first step and most important criteria to consider for the best school in syllabus followed at school. The most common question among all the parents is which board is good for their kids?
However, understanding the syllabus offering is not very easy and it requires a lot of time and effort from the parents. So, we try and simplify this for our beloved parents:
There are 5 most popular types of school syllabus in India and 2 prominent styles of teaching methodologies in preschools.
• CBSE Board Syllabus
• ICSE Board Syllabus
• IB Board Syllabus
• IGCSE Board Syllabus
• State board – State Boards of India
Playschool Syllabus in India:
• Montessori (Difference between Montessori and Playschools syllabus)
• The curriculum followed individually by the preschools themselves.

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