how to create a beach backdrop for photography

Ten tips for beach shooting
1. Find focus:

A friend of mine once told me that he would not tirelessly take the camera to the beach to find something. In his opinion, everything on the beach is no different. I can only say that I feel extremely sorry. When I walk on the beach, I feel that if you can see farther, there are full of opportunities for shooting. For example, when shooting facing the sea, I found a very interesting event. I first walked to the shore and then turned around to see what the camera would take from that angle. A common problem in beach landscape shooting is that you may have taken a beautiful view, but you seem to have no interest in it, and the resulting photos are empty and lacking in interest. When taking photos like this, it's best to look for those you are interested in, and focus on those beautiful scenery. Maybe it’s just a model or a series of footprints on the sand; maybe it’s just the waves hitting the rocks; or it’s just a lifeguard tower… You can also take pictures that tell stories about the beach, such as being left on the coast Side shoes, sand dunes, sunglasses, sunscreen…

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