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How To  Build A Startup Company From Scratch In 2018

How To Build A Startup Company From Scratch In 2018

Submitted by • August 7, 2018

Ideation State: Once the idea came to mind discuss with your family and friend. Make sure idea is different from the crowd. Book the domain that suits your business modal and make an awesome website with reach and shareable content. Arrange some basic amounts so that you can Proceed the work
2.Find a Real and Genuine Co-Founder: This is the common Problem which most of the startup go through. Not clear about Profit share. How can they bear and tolerate the Pressure in worst Circumstances? Not matching the proper frequency of mind. who can tackle the pressure and be cool in any situation? VCs are more likely to invest in a startup that has at last two to three Founder’s team, not a founding individual.

3.Register Your Company : This is the first and Initial Stage immediately after the ideation Stage. Talk to you CA/CS and register a Company , get authorized to start the work

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