How does the Mobile Premier League make money for their business?

Here’s how the MPL (Mobile Premier League) app makes money

Conducting Tournaments: In popular e-sports tournaments, hosted by MPL, they receive 20% of the money raised from player participation as tournament hosting fees. Source
Funding: MPL/Mobile Premier League is a well-funded company. It has raised 50+million $ from several investors combined. Source
From their Users: The MPL app has entry barriers where the actual app is free, to play the games on the platform one has to decide their entry point or the amount which they would like to invest in their gaming capabilities. Options are supplied by the app with enough supporting data like winning chances, the amount you could win, and how much you must invest for that.
The business model of the MPL (Mobile Premier League) app is to enable everyone to play by investing minimal amounts and allowing them to earn real money which post-winning is transferred to the user’s digital wallet, so it’s 100% real money.
Let’s say 100 people pay their 1st game by investing 10 rs for their first time, so platform receives the amount 100*10 after some charges, etc maybe.
Out of these 100 people, only the top battle scorers receive the highest returns for the amount invested which may most probably be lower when compared to what the platform made in total.
MPL is an e-sports app that allows one to play many games from one platform.

Nothing is free, it’s a business the only thing that keeps it running is its revenue and profits.

They present it as a skill-based gaming platform. Allowing users to take the centre stage and winning all they can base on their skills and level of expertise to create and hold the best high score in a game.

I have been playing, and winning from the MPL app over the past 6 months. I have not earned from it every single time. You lose some and you win some.

Hope this answers the question.

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