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How Does Personal Coloring Work?

How Does Personal Coloring Work?

Submitted by • April 27, 2020

Human skin is made up of different substances, you know? This is the case for melanin, hemoglobin, and carotene. Together, these components are responsible for composing the so-called subtone. And according to the colors we use in our daily lives, light can reflect in many ways, causing different impacts and effects on our look - especially on the face.
During the analysis of these details, the responsible professional - or yourself - must observe 12 different color groups and, from that, identify which one best fits your skin type. Each of the categories refers to a season: summer, spring, winter, and autumn. Within these groups, it is still possible to subdivide colors into three classes: pure, deep, and intense. Just spy:
Summer: discreet tones, very soft and somewhat gray;
Spring: striking, cheerful, clear and bright colors;
Winter: dramatic and beyond intense options;
Autumn: earthy tones, deep and with warm nuances.
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