Air France is one of the largest airlines in Europe that is operated by Air France-KLM. It serves more than 35 destinations domestically in France and also touches the skies of 78 countries worldwide. If you are planning to fly or have booked an Air France flight ticket, you must know how to get refunds from Air France for unused or cancelled flights. Every traveler must have complete information about the cancellation and refund policy of the airline that they want to fly with. You will get a complete guidebook on how I get refunds from Air France?

Air France Refund Policy
Air France allows its passengers to cancel flight tickets and get eligible refunds for them. The refundable amount depends on the type of flight tickets that are being cancelled by you. If the flight cancellation is initiated by the airline itself, you will also get eligibility to claim refunds for the flights that are cancelled by the airline. In case you have purchased your flight tickets from a travel agency, contact them for cancelling your tickets and ask them to initiate a refund process for you.

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