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As you immerse yourself into the world of crocheting, there are often several kinds of yarn you get acquainted to. Sometimes, it is just too difficult to choose a yarn that works for you. Today, let us acquaint you with our favourite crochet yarn that is perfect for all your crocheting projects. It is a best-seller in the crocheting category and many of our crochetiers come back for this yarn over and over again.

Presenting, Hook n Loop Crochet Yarn from Vardhman…

Hook n Loop is a surprisingly soft yarn whose quality is much superior to others in the category. It comes in a variety of colours so that you can support a variety of projects. There is every colour you could imagine so you can add all the flair to your designs and patterns. Hook n Loop yarn is made from acrylic and thus gives a subtle lustre which makes your final outcome look luxurious.

Unlike other acrylic yarns in the market, this one does not split apart due to its superior weaving process. At just a fraction of a cost, you can confidently purchase many balls in different colours and get started on your crocheting.

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