Honey is a boon for Life, Arogya Laxmi

Madhu(Honey) which is consuming all over the world from many more years and is one among the nitya sevaneeya dravya according to acharya charaka, Madhu is the best kapha-pitta shamana dravya by its kashaya, Ruksha, Sheeta and Vishada Guna.
Madhu is best anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and having best wound healing property. If it is taken in prescribed quantity then only it will be helpful, otherwise in excess quantity leads to indigestion of Honey i.e मध्वाम or मध्वाजीर्ण is serious condition and very difficult to treat because of its viruddhopakrama.
According to Ayurveda Madhu (Honey) is one among the daily consumable food i.e Nitya sevaneeya dravya.

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