Hernia Specialist in Pune| Hernia Surgery in Pune | Dr. Samrat Jankar

Looking for a Hernia Specialist in Pune? Consult Dr. Samrat Jankar, one of the best gastroenterologist in Pune. He specializes in laparoscopic hernia surgery in Pune.

Being a highly experienced and dedicated gastroenterologist in Pune, Dr. Samrat Jankar also specializes in hernia repair surgeries. Moreover, he is an expert in laparoscopic hernia repair procedures.
Dr. Samrat Jankar, a seasoned hernia specialist in Pune, has performed 1000+ hernia repair surgeries through laparoscopy, the most preferred and advanced surgical method.
Dr. Samrat Jankar is associated with Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre, where he founded Minimal Invasive & Surgical Gastroenterology department. He is highly prolific and active in organizing conferences, CMEs, and much more in the best interest of the medical fraternity.