Healing the Videos of Traumatic Experiences – Dr Arline Westmeier

We can envision our memories as videos with happy or tragic endings. Your happy ending video may be a memory of a special birthday or Christmas. Anything that reminds you of Christmas gives you a warm feeling. Oyster soup gives me many wonderful memories. In my home on Christmas morning everyone was hurrying to get to church in time for the Children’s Christmas Program and making sure that we children remembered our parts. In the morning there was no time to think of Christmas gifts.

After the program our family would come home to my Mother’s special Oyster soup. My Parents still followed the German tradition of putting our presents on the dining room table and covering them with a bed sheet. After eating our fill of oyster soup, we would gather at the table at the place where we would normally eat, then they would lift the sheet and our presents were right in front of us, without even being wrapped.

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