Hair Restoration Clinic in Bhubaneswar – Hair Fall Treatment at Bhubaneswar

She is dedicated to her profession and believes in providing the best health care to her patients. The treatment services provided by Dr. Anita Rath are Anti-ageing treatment, chemical peel treatment, derma roller treatment, hair mesotherapy treatment, vampire face lift treatment, acne treatment, bleaching treatment, Botox treatment, laser treatment, wart removal, tattoo removal, glycolic peel treatment, dimple creation, lactic peel treatment, photo facial treatment, electrocautery therapy, collagen induction therapy, fine line and stretch mark removal, skin laser treatment, skin refinement treatment, sclerotherapy, actinomycosis treatment, atopic dermatitis treatment, skin rejuvenation, age spot treatment and hair transplant. In a brief but excellent practice for last 20 years Dr. Anita Rath has had excellent reviews by many of his patients. Visit Us – +91 9090094000, +91 9090044000

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