fdoc Dental Implants in pune.

Dental Implant is the most common procedure for tooth replacement. Dentist specialized in Dental Implant procedure are referred to as Implantologist. An Implantologist deals specifically with the surgical replacement of missing tooth. You should check that your chosen professional is qualified to undertake implant treatment before going ahead.

There are usually 3 procedures for tooth replacement- removable denture , fixed dental bridge and fixed Dentures. A artificial teeth is a surgical fixture that is placed in the jaw bone area where tooth is to be replaced. Later on we wait for 3 months allowing the dentures time to osseointegrate in the bone. After 3 months an abutment is placed on the denture followed by placement of suitable prosthesis.

Patient opt for tooth replacement for cosmetic as well as functional reasons. We need teeth not only for good looks but also to eat, chewand pronounce our words properly(speech). Reason why patient opt for an artificial teeth treatment over the bridge is because unlike in most of the bridge root canal of adjacent healthy teeth is not required for artificial teeth. Also cutting and drilling of adjacent healthy teeth to place prosthesis is required in dental bridge but is not required in implants.

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