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Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement

Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement

Submitted by • February 14, 2020

An Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement allows companies to return together towards working together organization rather than acting as separate Business entities competing against one another during a market. It's going even to be termed as "Partnership Agreement" or Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) since mutual affection is reached between a Vendor and their Partners, where both of them are investing within the same product for a selected market without fear about competition between the 2.

The agreement contains a group of defined terms and conditions which govern the way of functioning of a partnership business. The terms and conditions draft includes several critical details like Service providing methodology, Confidentiality clause, sort of business, Registered name and address of the company, Length of partnership, etc.

We also understand that you draw up some agreements to avoid disputes and legal hassles internally. We even have several templates for employee matters. Th

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