Emirates Unaccompanied Minors Flight Policy – Complete Guide

When parents decide to send their kids alone then they do so with a heavy heart and lots of worries and concerns. However, sending your kids alone by Emirates Airlines will take your stress away. When your kid is flying solo with Emirates then be rest assured as the airline promises to make their journey an adventure. Being a concerned parent you just need to know everything about Emirates unaccompanied minor flight policy. By knowing it beforehand, your child’s journey will be convenient and hassle-free, and you will also find yourself relieved as your child is in safer hands.

Emirates offer unaccompanied minor service to children who are of between 5 and 11 years of age and are traveling alone. The unaccompanied minor service is also available for children under 8 years old and who are traveling in a different cabin class to their parent or legal guardian. According to Emirates children flying alone rules, a special request can also be made for unaccompanied minor service for children aged between 12 and 15 flying solo. The airline will make sure that the trip for the children becomes fun and memorable right from check-in till the time they are handed over to their parent or legal guardian at their destination.

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