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Effective Ways to Improve Website Conversion

Effective Ways to Improve Website Conversion

Submitted by • April 15, 2020

Do you know that the average landing page conversion rate is somewhere around 2.35%? Only the top 10% sites reach 11.45% or even more! (Source: Impactbnd)

Do you want to enrol yourself among the latter group? If you are checking out this blog, you are already half-way there! As a professional website development company in India, we will guide you to improve your site’s conversion rate.

But before proceeding to improve the conversion rate, let’s take a quick look at how to calculate it in the first place.

Conversion rate is a percentage of website traffic that completes your desired business objective (subscribe to your service, buy a product, and so on).

So, conversion rate = (converted visitors / total visitors) x 100

Now, let’s move on to check how to improve the conversion rate. Stick to the end and thank us later!

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