Do Not Enter the complete Amount on the Gift Card?

I repeat, don't enter the complete amount on the gift card when reloading your Amazon gift card balance. this is often crucial. Let me explain:
Let’s say you've got a $25 gift card and check out reloading your balance for $25. What happens is Amazon first sends a $1 temporary charge to the gift card to verify the validity of the cardboard . Then, once that goes through, Amazon immediately sends the $25 charge to the gift card. This $25 charge are going to be rejected because the cardboard only has $24 thereon left. you'll receive a stunning rejection email, and need to wait 10 days before the $1 charge is reversed.
Instead, what i might recommend is charging $1 but the complete amount to your gift card. This has the advantage of actually working! Now your gift card balance has mostly been transferred to Amazon!

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