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If you are searching about OPT and CPT you might have good plans to become an international student. The international students look forward to the work options after the master’s degree in the USA. There may be many job opportunities but, restricted by several complex rules. So, you should know everything about the options like OPT jobs, CPT jobs and the difference between them. Let’s peep into it in detail.

What is OPT or CPT?

CPT means Curricular Practical Training. OPT stands for Optional Practical Training. The F1 International student had options to get F1 to opt for jobs or CPT jobs and to job experience but has many rules that are needed to be understood before applying for the OPT or CPT. OPT and CPT are similar to each other but, they are very different when it comes to the application process.

CPT – Curricular Practical Training

Curricular practical training is a temporary authorization for employment to F-1 international students. The CPT gives access to Jobs for opt students and cpt jobs and training to the students in the major field of study. It also allows them to go off-campus and provide an amazing experience. The Internships for CPT should meet all the conditions like requirements for a degree or a course.

Some majors require work experience or an internship in any organization to complete the graduation or degree course in the university or a college. It is also known as a CPT.

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