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Data Entry Services
Aumtec Solutions, is your trusted BPO partner for best in- class data entry services. Did you ever wonder how much time and money you do invest to manage and classify your business data? Is it not tempting to find an outsourcing partner that does tons of data entry work for you in budget? According to latest surveys, an average business has to shell out somewhere between $5000 to $8000* a month on data processing and management staff.

This excludes the infrastructure and technology cost which makes the figure very high in addition to the time spent on these non-core activities. As the saying goes ” Time is money”. Even if the amount spent isn’t big deal, the amount of time saved by Outsourcing and Management Services is very essential for your core business operations. Businesses worldwide have approved of this idea over the years and more and more businesses are outsourcing their data entry needs to offshore-BPO companies to save enormous amount of time and money.

Complete Suite of Data Entry Services Under One Roof
Aumtec Solutions provides a wide spectrum of data entry and data input services to a varied client base, from across the globe,helping them extract accurate data from a multitude of sources like online applications, websites, scanned images, PDF, invoices, forms, questionnaires, etc., and manually enter the details in client’s server, database or any particular file format.

Combining our rich experience and untiring commitment to deliver excellence, with a focus on efficiency, we meticulously enter appropriate details in relevant fields and ensure error-free output. Our data entry professionals have the expertise to capture data from handwritten or printed documents and precisely entering details in a variety of file formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, CRM/ ERP software, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase, Informix, MySQL databases, etc.

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