daily online newspaper, has been published regularly since 2010

In the interest of the country and the people, the national online daily "Crime Express” daily online newspaper, has been published regularly since 2010. Daily online newspaper the newspaper is always moving forward with all the news slogans in the hope of building a golden Bangladesh of Bangabandhu and a digital Bangladesh of the present government. This is a criminal online magazine. We are highlighting various misdeeds of the society. Even a few years ago, when news was more important, people had to wait for the next day's newspaper to get it. In the case of journalism, due to various crises including lack of space in the newspaper, the thoughts of the common people rarely appeared on the pages of the newspaper. But now, due to online journalism, there is an opportunity to give more prominence to the opinion of the common people. Which is playing an important role in various national and global decisions making? But now, within minutes of the incident, people are finding out about it through our daily Crime Express daily online newspaper

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