COVID-19 Impact on the Factory Automation in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

The world is witnessing an adverse impact on the human, economies as well as the industries due to COVID-19. As stated in the World Health Organization reports, the death rates are increasingly growing on a continuous basis globally. Due to its severe impact on the global economy, the government has taken a decision of complete lockdown which will help in minimizing the spread of coronavirus. Because of this decision, complete shutdown of manufacturing operations gets implemented which has brutally affected all the industries. Even, the initial result of lockdown showed loss of employment. Now after completing almost six months of the year 2020, the government has taken decision to start unlocking the lockdown which means companies and industrial sector can restart their business operations with some mandatory guidelines. For instance, government has given the permission to restart their factories with only 20%-50% employees on the field following all sorts of social distancing, extreme hygiene measures and others. It is supporting the economy and consumers goods production need only at certain level due to restriction of limited manpower utilization.

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