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Concrete Batching Plant Operation Manual

Concrete Batching Plant Operation Manual

Submitted by • March 27, 2019

Concrete mixing plant operation manual introduction:
Concrete mixing equipment can be operated automatically or manually. If the user does not need automatic control, the manual operation can still complete the working process of the concrete mixing station, such as batching, stirring, unloading and so on.

Concrete batching station manual operating procedures
Turn on the power → turn on the air → turn on the manual mode → start the main unit and the air compressor to 0.7 MPa → turn on the IPC monitor and warm up for 20 minutes → set or select the recipe → press the touch screen button or computer to operate the mixed aggregate, cement, fly ash And water → aggregate discharged into silo → extruded aggregate stopped → open the door, gather to the main machine → water, cement and fly ash discharged into the main machine → when the hopper door is closed, please stop unloading → mixing completed → concrete from the main Door discharge → press the main unit to close.

Manual operation flow

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