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Comparison of Iphone XS and Iphone XS MAX

Submitted by • June 29, 2019

Ever wondered why iPhone just pop out their new models one after another? Are those new
larger phones worth the price?

Well, this week we have decided to answer all such questions with our expert reviews
and comparisons between iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX.

Each model pushes the iPhone into completely different horizons and popularity.
You can't really tell the difference between two phones, they are virtually identical and
also pricey but both are worth the investment. Regarding comparison, there is sure something
different that made iPhone XS MAX stand out
Comparison Over Design:

Comparison Over Design:

Apple gained tremendous recognition on the launch of iPhone X due to its X-traordinary design
with glass and stainless steel look, an edge-to-edge OLED screen, Face ID, wireless charging, and
the iconic notch. While thinking about launching the “S” series for iPhone X, Apple decided not to
change the recognizable design as to why to change when people are liking it so

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