Collaborating Initiatives for a Healthier India

Epigamia, a burgeoning FMCG company, stands as one of India’s leading health snack brands. Their delicious range of milkshakes, smoothies, and Greek yogurts are both savory and healthy. This health-conscious brand partnered with SportVot as the snack partner for the Corporate Kabaddi Tournament held on the 11th and 12th of May.

The high-energy atmosphere of the Corporate Kabaddi Tournament perfectly reflected Epigamia's brand identity: vibrant, youthful, and health-conscious. Epigamia’s presence as the official snack partner provided refreshments to players and attendees alike.

SportVot's extensive live stream coverage offered Epigamia a unique platform to connect with a young and professional audience. Through interactive contests among professionals and a targeted social media presence featuring the kabaddi players enjoying Epigamia's products, the brand successfully captured the attention of viewers from various demographics.

SportVot is dedicated to promoting innovative businesses that value health and well-being, such as Epigamia. Through this partnership, Epigamia was able to reach a larger audience and firmly establish itself as a pioneer of the wholesome snacking movement, encouraging viewers to make wise decisions for an active lifestyle.