Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

JC equipments is leading Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Manufacturer India. We also Closed Loop Cooling tower Manufacturer in India. Closed circuit cooling tower just like the open type, this type of heat exchangers are mostly in the huge industries. We manufactures two types of closed circuit cooling tower and combined flow and counterflow coolingtower. Closed Circuit Cooling Tower are suitable for Thermal Power Plants. Closed Circuit cooling tower certain processes needs a closed loop, that's why the process water for cooling does not come in make contact with the full of atmosphere air. Closed loop type cooling is minimizes process fouling.

Types of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Combined Flow
Counter Flow

We may well include various percent of the cooling water from the available water resources to the closed circuit cooling system and we be able to decrease the cooling tower size.

Mixing ration means the percentage of the added water. If our mixing ratio is zero, it is called absolutely closed system. When the mixing ratio is 100%, it is called an open system.

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Water Temperature

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are accomplished of incoming fluid temperatures as high as 180ºF (82.2ºC),.

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Design

Our Closed Circuit Cooling System gives completely rated thermal presentation, which also by yourself verified over special types of flow and high temperature requirements. Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are high effciency and water saving.

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