Charge Entry Services | Medical Billing Services

The charges entry process plays a crucial role in overall billing management. Charge entry is a process where actual claim is created for a particular date of service. A claim is the most important aspect for getting reimbursements. We give high importance for accurate charge entry in order to submit clean claims.

Our high quality data entry ensures we capture all the procedures performed along with required modifiers. Our experienced billers are well aware of each payer requirements and process the entries based on their specifications. We consistently keep track of industry changes and requirements, which enables us to submit clean claims.

Charges entry, as the term suggests, is the process by which charges or monetary value is assigned for the healthcare services rendered to the patient by the provider. Medical charge entry is made according to the medical codes chosen for the medical services and the fee schedule. The reimbursement by the payor for the physician’s healthcare services depends on the charges entered by the biller. The medical billing charges entry must be done without any errors, for it can result in claim rejections.

Our coding and charge entry teams at Bristol Healthcare Services will work together to ensure that appropriate coding is given for the procedures so that correct charges can be billed in the claim form. We will ensure that all procedures are billed correctly and are compliant so that the reimbursement process is fast.

Whether medical billing charge entry is done as a standalone service or part of the revenue cycle, we will serve you with commitment.

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