Case – Daswell Road Machine For Sale

Last month, Daswell Machinery shipped a YHZM25 mobile concrete mixing plant to Cebu, Philippines. Because our concrete mixing plants are modular designed, we ship them in separate pieces. Besides, the installation of our product is very convenient. And, there are some tips on the installation of our cement mixing plant.

First of all, you should choose a proper place where is far away from residential areas but near to your construction sites. And make sure the import and export of your concrete mixing plant should be convenient for trucks to transport materials back and forth.

Secondly, you need a firm foundation before installing the cement mixing plant. This is the basic premise for your mixing plant to work properly and efficiently. Make sure your foundation is flat, solid and load-bearing.

Thirdly, you can start to calculate and design the power and circuit, water and waterway required for the operation of the concrete mixing plant.

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