The following tutorial will help you execute the Canon printer Installation and setup without any hassle or blocks. Follow the given steps to the end and install and connect your canon printer to the computer.

Canon printer Hardware Installation and Setup

● When the printer is free from the packaging material place it on a flat surface.

● Now firmly insert the power cord in the port then insert the other end to the power outlet.

● Enable the power supply to the printer then open the ink cartridge cabinet.

● Open the print head locker lid and place the print head in the required slots.

● Close the cabinet and let the Canon printer align the printheads and other hardware.

Canon printer driver installation and setup

● First, turn off your printer.

● Now insert the Canon driver CD in the optical drive and run the setup.

● When the driver installation wizard appears, select the 'Easy Install' option.

● Go with the instructions, select the application you want to configure then click the install button.

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