Can Solar Irrigation transform Indian Agriculture?

Almost 65% of the Indian population reside in rural areas and their prime source of livelihood is agriculture and related activities. The crop production is highly dependent on the rain water and weather of that area. Nowadays, changing rainfall patterns have aggravated farmer’s concerns. Big farmers manage to irrigate their fields somehow but small and marginal farmers do not have that luxury because of high electricity and diesel costs.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to employ effective irrigation techniques to enhance the crop production. Solarisation in the field operations enhances clean energy access to remote areas & reduces the carbon footprints. It boosts the livelihood of small and marginal farmers.

Current Scenario
● The farmers of India depend on approx 12 million electricity connections and approx 9 million diesel- powered pump sets to irrigate their fields.
● Agriculture needs are next to unlimited but resources are limited.
● Frequent power cuts are a common problem in rural and remote areas.