By 2024-25, Student Housing Shortages In The Netherlands Are Expected To Have Doubled.

Intelligent Overseas Education Travel Update: Based on data from Kences, a Dutch student housing knowledge center, it is expected that student housing shortages will more than double by the 2024-25 school year in the Netherlands.

According to a study conducted by Kences and published last year, twenty-two thousand students were affected by housing shortages. According to the organization’s director, Jolan de Bie, it is anticipated that this number will have increased to at least 50,000 people by 2024-25.

It is possible that plans to build 18,000 student residences by 2024 will be successful and that this figure will represent the best-case scenario. As a result of new forecasts released by the Dutch Ministry of Education last spring, there will be 103,000 more students enrolled in colleges and universities in the 2024-25 academic year than had been predicted previously.

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