Buy Brass Diya Lamp for Puja & Lamp Oil Online| Ganesh Deep

Product Details:

*Each box contains one brass lamp and 8 lamp oil refills.
*Lighting lamps made clean and easy with puja lamp oil refills.
*Place refill in the lamp and light. When done, replace refill.

Lamp Oil Refill – Details

Ingredients used in each of the lamp oil refills contains vegetable oil mixed with Panchadepam oil, which comprises the following:

Pure Gingelly/Sesame oil, which is believed to eliminate difficulties and obstacles from one’s life.
Pure Cow’s ghee, for prosperity, health and happiness. It is also said to bring peace to one’s life and dispel poverty.
Mahua oil extracted from the Mahua tree, which is said to free one from debt.
Castor oil is believed to bring fame and happiness to one’s family while promoting harmony.
Neem oil is said to bring wealth into your home.

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