Building an Organization – The Woman's Way – Stonesoup Shop / cloth pads for periods

A well meaning tweet by Anand Mahindra earned him a lot of praise and he is someone I have admired over the years on twitter. And yet it caused me a bit of unease and especially as I stare at data that says women have lost jobs 7 times more! f I were to fire, wouldn’t it be a woman to lighten her burden? As a recruiting manager, would I want to hire someone who came carrying a heavy load already! It has been almost 5 years since few working women with young children started and it is 80% women with young children. (At one point we were 100% women but Karon of idobro we took your advice about diversity).
It is not charity. We felt it was an opportunity for us to create an organization where people like us thrive and we have done 3 simple things that have made this possible.