biogas flow meter – Process Control Devices

The production of biogas is a key part of any operation in most of industrial, commercial and public sector. It is necessary to measure the flow of biogas to ensure facility efficiency using bio gas flow meter. Flow measurement helps operators to know how much biogas deliveries to the gas grid.

Measuring technologies associated with biogas applications are challenging. Various technologies are available, including thermal mass, turbine, vortex, orifice, annubars and ultrasonic.

Biogas is a dirty gas containing moisture and particulate content. It can clog up flow measuring instruments such as annubars, orifice plates and gum up rotor of turbine meters and similar instruments that have moving parts. Biogas often has a low pressure which makes differential pressure flow measuring device unsuitable since they require large differential pressure to operate. PCD is one of the leading biogas flow meter manufacture in India.