Biden's decision to withdraw troops International News Today from Afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

The International News Today US President Joe Biden has decided to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan on 9/11.
According to the news agency, a US official told the reporter on condition of anonymity that Biden had decided to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan from September 11. He said Biden would announce the withdrawal of all US troops on Wednesday after contacting Western allies and that only a limited number of guards would be stationed there to protect US diplomatic installations. Biden did not make the evacuation conditional on the ground realities, International News Today where the Taliban risked taking more advantage than the internationally backed Afghan government. The US official said that President Joe Biden believes that conditional thinking has been implemented for the last two decades and if it is continued, we will remain in Afghanistan forever, so it is time for the United States to Change your preferences. Just hours before the news of the US withdrawal, US intelligence agencies had warned in their report that if the US pursued a policy of full withdrawal from Afghanistan, the survival of the Afghan government against the Taliban would be in jeopardy. The International News Today the former US president also reached an agreement with the Taliban on February 20 last year regarding the withdrawal of US troops, under which it was decided that the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would take place by May 2021.

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