Best Tyre For Compact Sedan In Pakistan

ME3 MECOTRA A European fuel-saving tyre for compact passenger cars.

Enhanced contact patch improves handling and wet performance
Nano Science Technology (NST) compound achieves high levels of wet grip and low rolling resistance
New 3D sipe technology stays open during contact with the road, reducing the risk of aquaplaning
New energy-saving sidewall design helps to give a comfortable ride with reduced rolling resistance
Optimal bead design absorbs impact for better rolling resistance performance
Packed full of technology this is a real fuel-saving tyre for smaller cars. Multi-bulge points of sipe improve resistance to aquaplaning and a bridge of sipe enhances block stiffness. Arc-shaped grooves enhance wet-weather performance whilst the lateral groove bridge reinforces rigidity to improve handling. The advanced flat tread design reduces rolling resistance and improves tyre rigidity to decrease deformation. High-tension cap ply improves tread stiffness for better high-speed handling and a super high tension belt maintains tread stiffness for a safer performance

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