best online projects, services documentation application Docsyard

DocsYard is the best documentation software tool to help you to manage online documents related to your projects, products, or services. These api documentation tool will help you in your articles, documents, information collection, or any type of the supportive written informational material

DocsYard will help to manage your Project article/documents simply and elegantly. To manage your product/service-related documents you can create a project in DocsYard. With the help of DocsYard, you can maintain the same document in multiple languages for the same project.
DocsYard can generate the embedded script for each article or project. Using this embedded code of JavaScript of the article you can show it on any web page as per need.
It comes with Versions/Group functionality to make it easy to maintain the version-specific information. Projects
You can manage separate logos & favicons for each project. Also, you can decide which projects are publicly available or not. One project may contain multiple languages but for each project, you can choose & set the primary language. Versions/Group Versions will help you to manage your project article as per your different project Versions/Group. Using this application, you can add your multiple project versions/group & can manage your article separately as per the separate versions/groups. You can set anyone's version will be as your primary version. You set project versions/groups as active/inactive as per your convenience.
With the help of the DocsYard, you can organize your articles(documents) that belong to the projects as per the project Versions/Groups. One Article you can manage in multiple languages. DocsYard itself generates the embedded script for each article present in the system. Using this script, you can insert this article reference anywhere just by copying & add this script as per your need.