Best Comedies to watch in 2021

In these tough times we will surely use an honest laugh, can’t we? As we expect of the way to spend our time during this lockdown, why not watch some comedy movies? They'll surely uplift our moods and can be worth our time. And because the saying goes ‘laughter is that the best medicine’ we all can use it, in these gloomy days. So trust Hollywood when it involves the comedy genre, they need always made sure that your jaw hurts from laughing and you forget all of your problems only for a short time but you are doing . We’ve selected some cult Best Comedy Movies Hollywood from down the ages which still have the facility to possess you rolling down the aisles laughing… So plow ahead and binge-watch and laugh your blues away.

1. Knocked Up (2007)
As the name suggests the film talks about unplanned pregnancies. once we believe this subject we expect that the film could be crammed with melodrama but it's quite the other actually. Starring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen, the film revolves around Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) who meets Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) at a bar, where they get drunk and have a 1 night stand, after which they part ways. After a couple of weeks, Alison discovers she's pregnant with Ben’s child. Knocked Up may be a well made movie, from the screenplay to the realistic acting and clever and witty dialogues, the film is fun to observe .

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