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Laser Shooting Game in Bangalore

Gear yourself up with robust and interactive vests, and load yourself with the best-in-class phasers that boast of the most prominent laser beams in the industry to thoroughly enjoy the... Read More

Laser Tag in Bangalore……..

Aim and fire, and have the ultimate experience of laser tag in Bangalore with friends or strangers, in a mystical forest theme built at Torq03 Sports & Adventures that offers... Read More

Fun Arcades Near Me………..

When you are searching for “Fun arcades near me” on Google, the search giant will definitely show you Torq03 Sports & Adventures if you are anywhere near Outer Ring Road,... Read More

Bowling in Bangalore……….

Torq03 Sports & Adventures offers an imperial and majestic experience of bowling in Bangalore with a vintage bowling alley, state-of-the-art lanes, comfortable shoes, plush seating, and high-tech equipment that can... Read More

Bowling Alley in Bangalore…..

Strike up some fun at Torq03 Sports & Adventures’ vintage bowling alley in Bangalore that offers a royal and exiting bowling experience with plush seating and personalized F&B services; giving... Read More

Go Karting for kids in Bangalore

With safety being the priority, the slickest track in Bangalore at Torq03 Sports & Adventure is the most reliable Go Karting for kids in Bangalore that offers something exciting for... Read More

Go Karting places in Bangalore

The 500m track at Torq03 Sports & Adventure stands unchallenged as the best Go Kart race track in the city, boasting of state-of-the-art race karts and the best armature karts... Read More