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Raw Material | Surelock Plastics | Manufacturer of Cable Ties and Accessories

Nylon 6, Nylon 66, SS 316 Stainless Steel, SS 304 Stainless Steel and SS 201 Stainless Steel raw material used to manufacture Surelock products which are carries good strength and... Read More

Cable Ties Manufacturer | Surelock Plastics | UL Certified Company

Establishing Surelock as one of the largest manufacturers of cable tie in terms of capacity and product range in India wasn’t an easy endeavor. Connect with us and get to... Read More

Wiring Accessories & Cable Ties Industry | Surelock Plastics | Vision, Mission and Values

As a primary manufacturer of cable ties, metal tooth ties, automotive ties, security seal, stainless steel ties, band and buckles, Surelock offer the largest range of standard and customized products.... Read More

Surelock Plastics | Manufacturer and Supplier of Cable Ties

Wide range of cable ties, wiring accessories and security seal available at Surelock Plastics, ISO 9001:2015 BSI Certified Company and India's largest manufacturer and supplier of cable ties and accessories.... Read More

Largest Manufacturer of Cable Ties, Security Seal and Wiring Accessories | Surelock Plastics

Surelock Plastics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable ties, special purpose ties, metal tooth ties, automotive ties, stainless steel ties, SS band and buckles and wiring accessories over... Read More