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In the refractory castable combined with calcium aluminate cement, the castable with CaO content less than 2.5%, that is, the castable with calcium aluminate cement added about 1/2 to 1/3... Read More

Refractory bricks are used in the transition zone of cement kilns. Silicon carbide mullite bricks have high strength, abrasion resistance, and are not easy to peel off and corrode. Especially... Read More

What are the Advantages of Lightweight Mullite Castables? Lightweight mullite castables can be used for working linings or thermal insulation linings of various flame kilns and other industrial furnaces. The... Read More

In order to reduce the pollution of hexavalent chrome in magnesia-chrome bricks, the first step is to develop magnesia-chrome bricks with low chrome content. Low chrome magnesia chrome bricks are... Read More

In summary, the refractories for copper smelting converters will still be dominated by high-performance magnesia-chrome refractories. High-performance magnesia-chrome refractory bricks are required to have good corrosion resistance to converter media,... Read More

Fireclay refractory products are weakly acidic refractory products. As the content of SiO2 increases, its acidity increases, and it has certain corrosion resistance to acid, but poor resistance to alkaline... Read More

For coke ovens that have been produced for many years, the single and main walls of the regenerator will crack, melt, deform or even collapse under the action of temperature... Read More

Aluminum silicate refractory materials with aluminum oxide (Al2O3) content higher than 48%, and products formed from bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content through molding and calcining are... Read More

In modern ceramic kilns, as important structural materials such as beams and columns, it is required to have good high-temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, and creep resistance. As a shed,... Read More

Where are the dense zircon bricks for glass kilns mainly used? Zircon bricks are used for the working layer of the glass kiln pool wall, and its density is high,... Read More