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Group FiO’s offers intelligent unified commerce platform (iUCP) is an omni-channel solution that intelligently manages your supply chain and order fulfillment. iUCP will integrate with your chosen ERP, eCommerce engine,... Read More

loyalty management System software

Group FiO offers Loyalty Management System Software (LMP) is a component of Group FiO’s iCRM, is a platform that intelligently manages your customer loyalty program including customer purchases and returns,... Read More

Best free crm software for sales and business

FiO Provides Unlimited Free CRM. It has something for everyone on your team from Sales, Marketing, and Support Services. With the easy-to-use free FiO CRM, you’ll never have to manually... Read More

Business Intelligent CRM Software

Group FiO Offers iCRM ( Intelligent CRM ) Intelligently interact with your present, past, and future customers with FiO’s iCRM (Intelligent CRM) you can automate your marketing processes by turning... Read More